Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kayaking on the White Water River in South West Ohio

This is a juvenile bald eagle, they don't get their white head and tail until they are four to five years old.

The holes are the nests of bank swallows.

Bald eagle nest #1, on the White Water River:

I went back a few days later and there were two eagles in it:

These were shot from almost 9/10 of a mile away.

Bald eagle nest #2, this one is near Spring Valley Wildlife Area which is next to Caesar Creek State Park, shot from the bike path from a distance of 1500 feet:

Bald eagle nest #3, on the Great Miami, from 1.3 miles away:

Bald eagle nest #4, on the Great Miami north of Hamilton:

It was empty when I first started shooting, then a squirrel came along:

About 2 seconds later an eagle arrived to chase it away:

Bald eagle nest #5, outside of Brookville, Indiana:

Bald eagle nest #6, outside of Metamora, Indiana:

Two juvenile bald eagles:

A hawk:

An osprey:

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